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Anker 10

Replikat Press is a riso printing and publishing studio based in Vienna.

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Replikat Press is a printing and publishing studio based in Vienna. The main focus is to bring original ideas on paper, using simple methods to create unique pieces.
Working together with artists and also producing own content Replikat is placed in the fields of photography, urban exploring, contemporary art and design.

Right now there is a Xerox printer and a Risograph in use but collaborations with other studios who offer different techniques are planned. We print books and zines, posters and editions, postcards and other stuff.

If you want to collaborate, print something or order a zine, just contact us.

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for orders please contact us via or @replikat_press

Anker 17

by Replikat Press

Analog photographs printed in yellow, red, green, blue and black.

75 numbered copies
48 pages
20x27,5 cm
Metapaper rough warmwhite 120g
Doree drawing paper 170g
printed with Riso GR3770
staple bound

€ 18

Anker 16

Why are retro cats so sad?
by Replikat Press

Collection of slightly depressive and sad looking vintage cat prints.

40 numbered copies
20 pages
19,5x13,5 cm
Mondi IQ color pink 120g
Tracing paper 200g with sticker
printed with Riso GR3770
staple bound

€ 8

Anker 15

by Alessandra D´Intino

The idea was born out of years of photographic errors. While cleaning up during my move, I found discarded negatives that were full of mistakes: Overlaps, smudges, multiple exposures, overprints of roll numbers....

75 numbered copies
32 pages
19,5x13,5 cm
Metapaper rough warmwhite 120g
Mondi IQ Color grey 80g
Metapaper blue cardstock 350g
printed with Riso GR3770
staple bound with dust jacket

€ 15

Anker 14

Traffic Traces
by Replikat Press

Traffic accident markings in Vienna done by the "Unfallkommando".
Collected in 2021 and 2022.

45 numbered copies
52 pages
19,5x13,5 cm
Metapaper rough warmwhite 120g
Grey drawing paper 160g
printed with Riso GR3770
handmade swiss brochure bind

€ 17

Anker 13


Scheiss Welt Scheiss Menschheit

100 numbered copies
24 pages incl. 4 fold-out pages
24x17,5 cm
Metapaper extrarough white 120g
Gmund Colors Matt 2o0g
Mondi Color pink 120g
printed with Riso GR3770

€ 20

Anker 12

by Gustavo Quintela

The plans had to change: no more visits to the picturesque villages across Amalfi road.

25 numbered copies
32 pages incl. 1 darkroom print
25x17 cm
Metapaper extrarough recycle 120g
Black cardstock 250g
Mondi Maestro grey 80g
printed with Riso GR3770/

Xerox Phaser 5500
€ 13

Anker 11

by Daniel Steinthal

Photos of smoking people taken
in the streets of Vienna in spring 2021.

64 numbered copies
48 pages
24x20 cm
Biotop3 100g
Biotop3 200g
printed with Riso GR3770

€ 15

Anker 10

Through Bennie´s Windows
by Bouwe Brouwer

All photos taken on Bennie‘s farm in Joure, north of the Netherlands between 2017 and 2021.

40 numbered copies
28 pages
25,5x17 cm
Metapaper extrarough 120g
Metapaper green tea 120g
printed with Riso GR3770
€ 10

Anker 9

Higher Grounds
by Replikat Press

About mountains, dreams and other habitats. All photographs taken in Mexico in 2010.

17 numbered copies
32 pages
grey sketch paper 110/230g
Mondi IQ canary yellow 80g
printed with Xerox Phaser 5500
€ 8

Anker 8

Alles da in Favoriten

by Daniel Steinthal

Favoriten is one of the largest districts of Vienna. This zine features pictures taken on a walk through this area.

25 copies, numbered
36 pages
brown sketch paper 100/220g
Mondi IQ aqua blue 80g
printed with Xerox Phaser 5500
sold out

Anker 7

New York Chicago New Orleans

by Daniel Steinthal

A Journey to the stars. And stripes.

Some pictures from a trip to the US in 2016.

25 numbered copies
32 pages
Transparent paper 100g
Biotop3 / Pink cardstock 160g
printed with Xerox Phaser 5500
sold out

Anker 6

Gleisgruen Herbarium

by Team Cargokult

A zine about wild plants growing close to railway tracks.

100 numbered copies
40 pages
18,3 x 13,3 cm
Biotop3 120g
Biotop3 250g
printed with Riso at Soybot

€ 12

Anker 5


by Team Cargokult

Photographs of freight trains and their habitats. Published in 2015.

450 numbered copies
100 pages
22,5 x 16,5 cm
Munken polar rough 300g
Munken polar 120g
Offset print / screen print cover
€ 20

Anker 4


feedback, questions, collaborations and orders:

Collaborations with Bouwe Brouwer Daniel Steinthal Team Cargokult  Gustavo Quintela Alessandra D´Intino

Friends Vienna Printing Cooperative Soybot Potato Publishing

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